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Pricing for 2019



License per computer the program is installed and/or used on.

R10,400 per computer/license
plus annual license fee of R2,180 per computer/license entitles you to receive product updated and enhancements from our website at no additional charge.
R1,500 pm x 12, per computer/license
on our Easy-1-year-pay-plan. This includes VAT and the annual fee for the first year with free product upgrades.

Training at your premesis or ours, or remote/online training sessions.

R5,900 for one-day training.
(plus travel charges for onsite training)
R2,760 for remote/online 4-hour sesson
(using teamviewer & whatsapp).

Follow-up training, installation, maintenance, development, coding and design services.

R690 per hour, or
R5,900 per day

Providing help and assistance.

(Conditions apply as per our CUSTOMER AGREEMENT)
One month free support for new clients
providing that full training was provided by us

Travel and accommodation

Accommodation, flying & car-hire is based on actual cost.
Travel by vehicle is based on AA and toll-gate tariffs.
(When possible we try to combine and plan trips as to minimize cost to our customers)

All prices above excludes VAT
Terms and conditions apply as per agreement
Prices valid 1/1/2019 to 31/12/2019

Please click here to read our customer agreement